Pastor Rick Warren on Marriage...

I’ve been critical of some of Rick Warren’s leanings over the last few years. I was very concerned about the discussion he held with BO and McCain at Saddleback, but to his credit, he did an excellent job and proved me wrong.

He’s done it again…The Saddleback website has a video of Pastor Rick’s comments about Prop 8 in California. It defines marriage in the state of California as “one man, one woman”. The reason the prop is on the ballot is that the CA supremes found a penumbra in the CA constitution that allowed them to redefine marriage.

The link to Pastor Rick’s short remarks is here….

I couldn’t figure out how to embed the video. If Neil or somebody else knows how, please just embed it here or let me know how and I’ll do it. Unfortunately it’s not a YouTube with the embed code handy.

Anyway, great job Pastor Rick.