I suppose I've read things I enjoyed more...

Paul Krugman: Economist(?); NYT OpEd contributor; fool.

Krugman never ceases to amaze me, although this may never be topped.
Intelligence squared hosted a debate on national health care. Of course Commissar Krugman was on the “Of Course We Should Have It!” side along with a Canadian bureaucrat or two.

From the transcript, with a hat tip to Club for Growth

**PAUL KRUGMAN**And private insurance? That’s the thing, I— Actually, can I just —I wanted to ask a question. And—**JOHN DONVAN [MODERATOR]**Please—please do—**PAUL KRUGMAN**—and I wanted to ask, actually two questions, to the audience. First, how many Canadians, would Canadians in the room please raise your hands. [ONE PERSON APPLAUDS, LAUGHTER]**JOHN DONVAN**We have about seven hands going up—**PAUL KRUGMAN**Okay, not as many as I thought. Okay, of those of you who are not on the panel who are Canadians,, how many of you think you have a terrible health care system. [PAUSE] One, two—**JOHN DONVAN**We see—almost all of the same hands going up. [LAUGHTER]**PAUL KRUGMAN**Bad move on my part. [APPLAUSE]

I’d like to add something witty here, but I think the Commissar has pretty well covered the bases.

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