There simply is no "right" VP pick.

First things first. I’m just fine with Sarah Barracuda. I trust she’ll make a fine VP and if necessary, a good President.

And I could write the above for any one of the medium list of candidates that McCain had to choose from.I’m not surprised by the high level of whining going on about Gov. Palin. But then, I wouldn’t be surprised by the high level of whining that would have accompanied Mitt Romney, Gov. Pawlenty, Joe Lieberman, Tom Ridge, or any of the other possibles. We’re a nation of whiners.

The most interesting thing, to me, is that I’ve not seen the “she’s totally unqualified, I’m voting for BO/staying home” that we would have had to endure with several of the other possibles. In terms of “qualifications”, you can make a solid point that the two best picks would have been Lieberman or Ridge. Both have very broad experience in DC and Ridge has actually run stuff. And the pro-lifers would likely sit home.

In terms of foreign policy, there is no possible candidate – in either party – who’s had real live experience dealing with foreign affairs. And a seat on the FA committee in the Senate (or House) is nothing more than mental masturbation compared to sitting across the table from foreign leaders and doing real negotiation. Congressional oversight is just second guessing with taxpayer funded travel thrown in.

Bottom line, every possible VP pick had to be judged on pluses and minuses. There was – never has and never will be – a clear pick. As far as the “qualified to be POTUS” meme, I’m not even sure you can make that assumption about any man before he’s got his shoes under the desk in the Oval Office. It’s a bigger job than any kind of experience will prepare you for. You either find yourself up to it or you don’t. I think McCain will find himself up to it, and I think Palin will to, if necessary.