Kansas Values...

Hat tip to the guys at PowerLine…

So, Senator Obama wants us to think he represents “Kansas Values” rather than Chicago Machine Politics.PowerLine notes that Vincent Flynn has drafted a response to Obama’s new ad:

I’m John McCain and I approve this ad(Clip of Obama ad)Bob Dole: I just saw this Barack Obama ad and I just don’t believe it.(Backround: Midwestern agrarian scenes)Let’s be clear. I was born in Kansas. I went to school in Kansas. I served the people of Kansas as their Senator.I’ve spent a lifetime being proud of the people of Kansas and their values.And Senator Obama, you just don’t have Kansas values.I know one man who does have the values of the heartland….faith, courage, honesty and patriotism.That’s my friend John McCain and I’m proud to support him for President.

This is an excellent and very powerful response to BO’s obfuscating lies about who he is. It will also preempt his choice of the current Kansas governor as his running mate.

Please Senator McCain, please RNC, take the gloves off and beat this lying SOB (with apologies to momma doggies) like the cheap drum he is.

Senator McCain, you’ve repeatedly said that you want to focus on issues. I would say to you that BO’s bad character (not lack of character), his consistent bad judgment, and the fact that he will say anything – and your friends in the media will let him get away with it – ARE the major issues in this campaign.

We need a President we can believe. We need a President who loves his country and will do what’s best for it, not a man who surrounds himself with aging domestic terrorists, racists and people who will believe any mootbat theory as long as it makes the US look bad.

Take the gloves off Senator. You’ve fought for your country in the past. The stakes are higher today than they’ve ever been. Winning the battle has never been more critical. We are in a war. I know you know that. Our military can take care of the foreign enemies, but only if we have a President who is willing to take on – and defeat – our domestic enemies. Barack Obama and the elected Democrats in Washington DC are not “your friends”, they are aligned with our foreign enemies. Please sir, take off the gloves and take the fight to them. And win.