Balance the budget- the many paths available

If you are like me, you’ve rooted for dozens of tea party candidates over the past few months due to their high priority of balancing the budget. We’ve watched them make broad statements saying the number one issue is restoring fiscal order. Up to this point, their has been very little in the way of serious proposals for combating our number one security problem: further financial uncertainty. Paul Ryan’s proposal is the only serious conversation starter until recently with the release of the release of some ideas that may be part of the deficit commissions final proposal.

Unfortunately, those of us not in the political class are just to naive to understand the intricate complexities of CBO scoring and what it would take to balance the deficit. With this mindset, politicians were safe gaurded from we the people being able to claim they weren’t making the tough decisions necessary. Unfortunately for them, the nytimes has made this exercise childs play. Go to the link, right now, and balance the deficit. Do what thousands of congress critters and the last 2 presidents have failed to do. Tough choices? yeah. Everything from a variety of tax increases, tax deductions ending, military cuts, social service cuts, and misc. are on the table. None of them are enjoyable. I have my preference. I have ones I think are absolutely terrible. But, I’ll be honest, I’d stomach nearly any combination of those if I were guaranteed a balanced budget, and certainty that I could pursue prosperity in my life.

I say nearly any combination~ realistically, a lot of combinations of tax increases listed would do irreversible damage. But, as a conservative I’ve come to the conclusion, and I hope you can too, that revenue increases and military cuts can be on the table, if we can find a comprehensive path to accomplish this. I hope we can have a discussion here first, of what combination would be best, rather than calling every proposal dead on arrival.