The yet to be unfolded game-changing nature of Sarah Palin

If you’ve payed a lick of attention to the news over the past 2 weeks, you’ve undoubtedly caught at least one major trend: the primary political discussion has turned into a comparison of Obama and Palin.

-Who is more politically experienced?

-Small town Mayorship vs Community Organization

-Who is really creating a Cult of Personality

-Who is playing Identity Politics

-Palin’s speeches causing fundraising for both her Campaign and Obama

-Who grasps the Bush Doctrine better

-Which of them would do what on Foreign Policy

In all of this, I can’t help but see a beautiful sports analogy (other than baseball for once) begin to unfold. With 8 weeks to go in this election, I feel like we are beginning the fourth quarter of a long grueling football game. Both teams are exhausted (read, everyone is burnt out on their petty partisan and personality fighting) and suddenly the GOP team has subbed in the Junior Varsity squad (Sarah Palin. And for the first portion of the fourth quarter (read, until the first debate) the JV will go head to head with the Dems A team- Obama.

But here is the crazy thing- we are pulling ahead with our JV in. And all this time, our A team- John McCain, is able to step away from the petty daily news cycles. He can be seen as above the bickering. And come two weeks from now, we will see the first debate, and the audience is going to want to see McCain succeed because he hasn’t been dragged to the bottom over the last two weeks as both Palin and Obama will have been. We will enter the last few drives of the game, nearly tied, but fully refreshed, and with the home field advantage.

And all of this while Palin is creating enthusiasm with the fans- improving McCain’s down ticket support should he win, raising money for the cause, and doing all the extracurriculars so the Varsity can focus on what’s most important- winning.