IN-2: The NRCC releases it's first Congressional ad for 2012 -- and it's pretty funny!

The NRCC released this ad today for the IN-2 open Congressional seat. It’s the first ad they’ve produced for a Congressional race this cycle, so they must think the seat is winnable for the GOP. In 2010, Democrat Rep. Joe Donnelly barely won re-election. Former State Rep. Jackie Walorski came within one point of flipping the seat. Walorski is running again in 2012, and she has one of the most renowned grassroots networks in the entire state.

As the ad states, Brendan Mullen does not live in Indiana and hasn’t lived there in many years (he was handpicked by the Democrat machine in South Bend). The majority of his money comes from out of state (Jackie gets near 90 percent of her money from within the state). Unsurprisingly, the labor unions comprise a major part of his fundraising.

Here’s hoping a home-grown Hoosier will knock off a D.C. insider and pick up another seat for the GOP in 2012!

Here’s Jackie’s webpage if you want to learn more about her: www.standwithjackie.com