The House vote is the only vote that counts, but...

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath-water, folks.  The negotiations taking place in the Senate right now are still vital to what the House eventually does.  Yes, if the bill passes the House, that’s it.  It’s over.  However, the House won’t pass the Senate bill unless they have a reasonable prospect of seeing reconciliation pass.

Even if it isn’t the endgame, reconciliation is still a major piece of this puzzle, because House Democrats are factoring it into their vote.  If reconciliation looks like a non-starter, then the House Democrats are not likely to pass this monster.  If 50 Democrats come out in support of the bill “fixes,” then the tide turns and Pelosi will be able to marshal the troops.

That’s why this whip-count from OpenLeft is worrisome.

The Democrats are close.  We must keep a keen eye on Harry Reid and the reconciliation negotiations.  Keep pressuring your Senators to come out against the reconciliation process.  Public opposition by Democrat Senators will deter Democrat House members from voting yes.