Mike Pence for Senate? Say It's So!

More Scott Brown fallout!

Multiple sources are reporting/hinting that Pence is beginning to test the waters for a Senate bid.  According to this Politico article, Rep. Mike Pence is now seriously considering a run against Evan Bayh in 2010.  Hotline also has this article reporting the same thing, and that Pence will meet with NRSC staff soon.  Last night on Hardball, Pence name was also floated as a possible challenger to Bayh.

As a Hoosier myself, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated at the field of candidates the GOP has running for Senate in Indiana right now, especially given the conservative political environment and the particular vulnerability of Bayh this cycle.  Mike Pence is probably the only Republican in Indiana that would instantly make this race a toss-up, and he’s the only one who has the national fundraising capacity to challenge Bayh’s $13 million war-chest.  By the fall, I strongly believe he would be the favorite in this race.

I’ve wrote a diary here about this race a few weeks ago, if you would like more background.

Run, Mike!  Run!