If Scott Brown wins, and stops healthcare, and saves the Republic, I will forgive him now for any future RINO votes he may have to make.

The reason this healthcare bill has stirred up so much outrage is because we all know that it is the real game-changer.  This one is for all the marbles.  Once we go through this door, there is no turning back.  The stakes will never be higher.  This bill must be stopped.

The prospect of Scott Brown winning in Massachusetts on Tuesday is simply mind-boggling.  I mean… Massachusetts! Teddy’s seat! The Irony-of-All-Ironies may very well occur a few days from now.  The most glorious display of cosmic justice evah might play out right before our eyes.  If Brown wins, you will tell your children and grandchildren where you were the day the Republic was saved from tyranny.

For this reason, I have decided (personally) to absolve Scott Brown of any RINO-ish votes he may have to make in the future (assuming he wins), in order to keep peace with his voters.  In my view, this one vote to stop healthcare will forever clear his slate.  Even if he becomes worse than Olympia Snowe down the road, I will always look back at what he did to stop Obamacare and I will withhold my judgment.  As far as I’m concerned, we will be square.

Mr. Brown, I wish you all the best next Tuesday.  Out of 300 million people, fate may have destined you to save the Republic.  That is an enormous responsibility, but an easy task.  It only takes one vote.  If you hold true, history will rank you among the great New Englanders who stood fast against tyranny.