Scott Brown and the Consequences of Mitch McConnell's Failure to Stall Healthcare in December

If Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts Senate race on Tuesday, Mitch McConnell’s leadership should be subjected to even more intense scrutiny. Why, you ask?

Think back, if you will, to December.  There were any number of procedural moves that the Senate GOP could have employed to delay the vote on healthcare until January (roll call votes, bill readings, unanimous consent objections, etc).  As history will forever record, Mitch McConnell not only rejected that strategy, he silenced those Republicans (Coburn, DeMint) who wanted to fight.  He had the ability to delay the healthcare vote, and chose to play nice instead.

The terrible consequences of McConnell’s decision could become even clearer next Tuesday.  If Scott Brown makes history and win’s the people’s (not Teddy’s) Senate seat, the Democratic Machine will assuredly delay the certification process to keep him off the Senate floor during the final vote on healthcare.

Do a little deductive reasoning with me.  If McConnell had delayed the healthcare vote last December, the Senate would still be working on their bill.  Nancy, Harry, and Barry would not be crafting the final language behind closed doors (as they are right now), because the Senate would still need to pass their version.  I could be wrong, but it stands to reason that a Scott Brown win under those circumstances would, most likely, have meant certain death for the healthcare bill.  A delay in the vote last December would have given Brown plenty of time to be certified and sworn-in before the final vote.  Instead, the House and Senate are busy working on the final language, and time is running out to stop them.

If the Minority Leader had done his job in December, a Scott Brown win would probably have given us a greater opportunity to kill the healthcare bill.  As it stands now, even with Brown victory, the Democrats seem ready and willing to pass healthcare by whatever means.

The folly of McConnell’s decision to bend over and grab his ankles is now clear.  The heat should be turned way, way up on the Minority Leader if Scott Brown wins and the Democrats still manage to find a way to pass healthcare.