It's Time to Hit the Refresh Button on the Senate GOP Leadership

I join many here at RedState who are upset about the sorry state of the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill.  Erick has written many posts about how frustrating it is to watch Mitch McConnell constantly lead Republican Senators into a pit of defeat.  With the Senate now poised to pass the healthcare bill, we have come to the moment where accountability must be exacted on the GOP leadership.  It is the end of the year and the end of debate in the Senate.  That means it is time to read the record and start asking tough questions.

As we all know, in just three years time, the Republicans have lost 15 Senate seats.  Fifteen.  After such a devastating loss, any rational person would think that it’s time to change coaches.  Whether Mr. McConnell is directly responsible for all the GOP’s ills is not the point.  He is the leader.  That means he is accountable for the good and the bad.  He gets the blame and the credit, regardless of the cause.

As if earning the weakest possible minority weren’t enough, Senator McConnell has now lost the healthcare debate.  From the outset, the odds were against us.  However, given the disunity in the Democratic caucus, an opportunity presented itself to complicate Senate procedure enough to tip this debate fully into 2010–an election year.  Throughout this process, Mr. McConnell failed to utilize a single procedural tool at his disposal.  That is unacceptable.

The healthcare debate is the key issue that divides our two sides.  Nearly every other issue ties back to it somehow.  We have always feared that a day would come when the Democrats finally hit the button for universal healthcare.  Perhaps we thought (naively) that that day would never arrive.  Well, it has, and our Senate leader was nowhere to be found when delaying tactics were desperately needed.  If he won’t fight for keeps in the most epic battle of our time, when will he?

It is time to hit the refresh button on the Senate GOP leadership.  I believe Mitch McConnell stands indicted as a failed leader.  He has failed us electorally, and now he has failed to stop the Democrats from achieving eternal power through this healthcare bill.  I urge conservatives everywhere to start demanding that a new Republican leader be elected in the Senate.  If Mitch McConnell doesn’t have the decency to step aside himself, then the issue must be forced.  What should have been done after the 2008 election must be done now.

We are about to lose everything.  There must be accountability.