Seven Deadly Sins of the Obama Administration

Seven Deadly Sins of the Obama Administration:

GREED: Corporate greed has been replaced by government greed. For every dollar Obama diverts from corporate America, that dollar is re-directed into government coffers via higher taxation. Several states have already raised taxes and fee’s well above the Obama tax cut. Throw in Federal interest rate increases, a weak dollar, inflation, government expansion, and it all adds up to significant hidden tax hikes. For good measure, add socialist wealth generating programs, such as Cap and Trade, and there is no limit to the size, scope and influence of government Greed.

VANITY: The administration sees itself as a cure-all for America’s problems. It has wrestled decisions out of corporate America and placed them with the President. One man knows best. He knows what interest rates banks should charge. He knows what type of cars the auto industry should make. He knows what your tires should be inflated to, and how often you should check them. He knows when drones should canvass your neighborhood with propaganda fliers, and what to tell them. These are exactly the type of decisions Obama warned us about; “Somebody noted to me that by the time something reaches my desk, that means it’s really hard. Because if it were easy, somebody else would have made the decision and somebody else would have solved it.”
In other words, Banks, Corporations and Consumers are no longer capable of making decisions because they are simply “too hard”. Vanity to the point of “I know all and I know best” is highly destructive.

IDOLATRY: The only sin Obama himself isn’t guilty of, since he is the Idol. The administration has done a sloppy job of it though. Masking his bow before a King with lame excuses is the perfect example of pathetic idolatry, they should have simply stated what every Obamamite knows: Idols don’t Bow before Kings.

GODLESSNESS: “America does not consider itself a Christian nation”… from the head Idol.

COVET: “To feel inordinate desire for what belongs to another”; or in Socialist-speak “wealth re-distribution.” Obama’s Socialist reforms provide the vehicle to covet the highest wage earners, or about 15 million people. It demonizes “our rich” and seeks to re-distribute their wealth through taxation and profit capping. Enabled by people like Henrietta Hughes (google) who pleads government to provide them with free housing, free medical care, free food, free assistance for everything. The Coveting doesn’t stop there. The middle-class has yet to feel the pain as we transition to a populace of worker bee’s making honey for third world nations, as Obama’s Trillion dollar bill to fight global hunger proves.

INFANTICIDE: Using U.S. Tax Dollars to abort “global posterity”. Every tax payer is paying into this travesty, whether you like it or not. Every tax payer is guilty by association. Instead of funding global adoption resources, abortion is their answer, and no different from a one child policy in China. Only this is U.S. government funded population control. How is it any different from genocide? Killing babies in poor countries is economic warfare on third world nation populations, without firing a single bullet.

SLOTH: Casting despair on citizens by doing nothing to curb monthly job losses that exceed 600,000; doing nothing of substance to curtail home foreclosure rates; labeling all Americans as “arrogant”, and apologizing to the world for America’s actions overseas.

The Sloths have taken over. Yippee kay yay!