Oppose Bailout and become the "True Reformers"

John McCain has an awesome opportunity to be the “True Maverick” by taking leadership and opposing this bailout. It is in opposition to everything he stands for, and it is the right thing to do.

*“Senator McCain we respect you for standing up against corruption and we ask that you take leadership on this issue and stand up for the rest of us on main street”. *

**There is no guarantee this will work, and giving congress the opportunity to add earmarks to this scares me.

  • Please oppose this and call for term limits in the house and senate that is the only way to get rid of business as usual.If you agree please contact

John McCain and Sarah Palin frequently and as many of there supports ASAP!!!

This is a great opportunity for John McCain & Sarah Palin to act like true reformers.

John McCain can go into the debate taking leadership and standing on the side of the American People.

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