Rahm Emanuel is Change? Offered Chief of Staff Position

Here it comes! Rumors are that Emanuel has been offered the Chief of Staff position. To remind people, he is one of the most hard core partisans in Washington. One of the biggest mistakes that a president can make is appointing someone as abrasive and hard core as Emanuel to the COS post.

Rahm Emanuel Bio

Expect a tough fight ahead RedStaters. I know none of us bought into the smoke and mirrors that Barry flashed onto 60 million people. I disagree that we need to move more towards the center. McCain was perhaps the most centrist Republican. We can agree and disagree on the failures of his campaign but in the end it was the economic meltdown that cost McCain this election. IT WAS NOT CORE CONSERVATIVE VALUES! We need to keep these values while mixing kitchen table issues into the fold!

Let’s keep up the good fight!

“We fought and we dreamed….and the dream is still with us!” – Ronald Reagan.