For All You "Joe's"

I’m a small business owner and at the crossroads here. There’s a lot on my mind during this election.

I will expand my business in January, 2009 if McCain is elected by adding two new employees to the payroll. His tax plan will help my business. I’m confident that I’ll be able to plan and negotiate the economic woes even with adding two new employees. I won’t be as paranoid about keeping cash in the bank versus investing it into my business. I know that the economy will bounce back faster under McCain then Obama. You just can’t tax businesses during a slumping economy and expect growth.

I’m going to have to cut one employee if Obama is elected. His tax plan will hurt my business and consequently one employee. I also feel that his tax plan is going to put our economy into a very serious recession and dramatically harm America. My thought is that 2009 is probably going to be my last chance to earn and save as much as possible while riding out the economice woes that will come with an Obama Administration. Point blank – I need my cash in the bank to ride it out. Call me a cynic but part of being a successful business man is also being a realist.

Thus, I feel that cutting one employee will help the business survive through an Obama administration. It will also help the business survive. I can’t predict the future. I also don’t want to wait for water to swill around my ankles before admitting that I should have slowed the ship through iceberg-infested waters then maintaining normal speed.

The opinion among voters is that Obama is better suited to handle the economy. How is Obama, who business feels will damage their infrustructure and threaten jobs, more suited to address the economy? Any candidate who makes business pause from reinvestment and conserve on market principles is counterproductive to an economic rebound. Everyone needs to think about their familes and jobs because these two elements will be impacted the most by an Obama administration.

I hope that everyone understands that there are millions of other small business owners in America weighing the same options as me right now. This election for us is more then just personalities, flash, and bling. It’s about voting for the candidate who we think will help our employees keep their jobs while considering expansion.

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