ACORN Work in NV?

These figures are only for Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas). Democrats are showing 88,664 more registered ACTIVE voters between the 2004 (298,246) and 2008 (386,910) election. Republicans are only showing an increase of 6,710 (254,952 vs. 261,662). Independants are showing an increase of 22,933.

These figures make no sense to me and feel that part of it is due to the ACORN effect. I know that we had a large influx of California residents relocate to Nevada, explaining part of the large Democratic growth. However, most of the new residents came from Los Angeles, which is equally Republican as Democrat.

I voted today. They were very organized. They printed a sticker off of their database, made you sign by your name, and checked your ID AND address off of the registered voter list as “VOTED”. I don’t think that ACORN is going to pull off a scam here unless they have an internal operative, which I doubt. Our Secretary of State is Ross Miller, a Republican. Also, sleezy Jim Gibbons won here as our governor two years ago and he is a Republican.

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