NV UPDATE: Joe Lieberman Rally Today

I went to the Joe Lieberman rally this morning at Temple Beth Sholom in Las Vegas. About 500 people turned out for the event, most of them Independant voters based on what I could tell from talking to them. About 70% of them were middle-aged to retired women who were former Hillary supporters. They were all fired up about John McCain and they all kept ringing on the point that Hillary said that only she and John McCain were qualified for president.

We started with some very vile, nasty words. We said the Pledge of Allegiance. After that, some great guest speakers took the mike.

A woman named Jan Terry, who is the president of the Democrats for McCain Charter, gave an extremely emotional, fiery speech. She hit all of the buzz words that’s been covered in the news. I caught her afterward to ask her about her “Democrats For Reagan” button. I asked her if she was a Reagan Democrat. She said that she wasn’t – but the last time she voted Republican was for Reagan. I asked her who she supported in the Democratic Caucus in Nevada and she said that she supported Hillary Clinton. She said, sadly, that Democrats are moving to such an elitist direction that she doesn’t feel like she’s a Democrat anymore. She said that John Kennedy would be a Republican today.

Sue Lowden, the Chairwoman of the Nevada GOP, spoke next. She said that she was at Sarah Palin’s rally in Carson City on Saturday night. She got the opportunity to speak to Governor Palin and said that they plan on having her stump hard in Michigan, Nevada, Florida, and Colorado.

Senator Lieberman gave a great speech, telling very personal stories about his friendship with John McCain. He’s not as tall as he looks on TV. His speech was short but he reminded us of two great points that aren’t covered much in the media:

  1. 53% of the legislation that John McCain has subitted has had a Democratic co-sponsorer compared to 19% of Barack Obama. So, the Bush ads are just as bogus and false as the ads they are crying “wolf” about.

  2. He said that he doesn’t doubt that Barack Obama won’t bring change but the kind of change that Washington needs now will never come from eloquence. It will need to come from blunt force and only John McCain can bring that.

I also got to speak to a woman who was part of Hillary Democrats for McCain. I asked about 10 other women if their support was “support against Obama” or “full support for McCain”? They all said that it was full support for John McCain SINCE he added Sarah Palin to the ticket. They said that they weren’t thrilled with McCain but less thrilled about Obama. Now, most of them are doing volunteer work and fired up about the ticket. One woman said that she was a die-hart Hillary supporter and just fell in love with Sarah Palin. She said that she relates to Sarah in a way that she didn’t even with Hillary.

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