America’s Broken vs. Washington’s Broken

I had to work last night so I waited to watch Governor Palin on CSPAN before reading any commentaries on her performance. I sincerely thought that she just nailed it and like the fact that she can throw a barb without coming off like an angry woman (a la Hillary).

One of the biggest points that stuck out in my mind is that the Democrats keep painting this dreary picture of “America is broken” while Republicans are painting a “Washington is broken” scenario. Americans don’t like people telling them that their country is broken – they should have learned that when Jimmy Carter tried to paint that picture. I think we’ll see a bounce from this too because the Democrats always underestimate Main Street Americans. We have a main street American in Sarah Palin, who they underestimated. Main Street Americans know that Washington is broken and IF America is broken it’s because Washington broke it.

Now, I understand why the media came out with guns blazing at Sarah Palin. They knew what we didn’t until last night: That this woman is a threat and just turned this election upside down. A hockey mom just trumped the charm Barack Obama supposedly had to lure Main Street Americans – and she’s going to Washington to fix it.