Into The Facts of Vetting Sarah Palin

I think we need to relax and let the vetting process work out. We know that the media is going to work overtime to debunk Governor Palin and trash her. The liberal bloggers are polluting the internet with bogus articles and information about her family and professional career. I’ll do my best to clarify this for everyone:

Vetting: A.B. Culvahouse vetted Governor Sarah Palin last summer. A.B. Culvahouse is one of the most meticulous auditors and has decades of vetting and political law experience. He was counsel to President Reagan. He was spotted in Alaska last summer but dismissed his appearance as a “summer vacation”. He spent 3-4 hours interviewing Governor Palin and spent days reviewing her records, newspaper articles, conducting interviews, and thoroughly going through her background during this time. The reports you hear about McCain sending his vetting team to Alaska last Thursday is true. He sent this team to Alaska the day before the announcement to be prepared for any fallout that they expected to receive. Karl Rove also confirmed this again this morning on FoxNews.

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Troopergate: It’s clear that this was not a very popular move among Alaskans. This investigation stems over the firing of Walt Monegan. Her experience with Mike Wooten, married to her sister, Molly, made her believe that there was also corruption within this department. She also had clear differences with Monegan over slashing the budget. She wanted to cut it. He refused. He also refused to discipline or take action against troopers who violated the law.

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Mike Wooten is a loose cannon and after researching support Governor Palin on this issue. Wooten has been reprimanded for violating over a dozen laws and departmental policies since 2001. He has been charged with drunk driving, illegally hunting moose, and tasering his 10 year old son. He made death threats to Palin’s father and threatened to kill him. Palin also learned that the rural community was extremely terrified and upset with ASP Officers. Monegan was fired and the rest is history.

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Also, Bill Clinton has his own Troopergate Scandal but you won’t find a scrape of this on liberal blogs. At least she wasn’t using state troopers to transport hookers to private locations.

Pregnancy: It’s a family issue but don’t think for a minute that Barack Obama’s “adamant” statement meant anything. Daily Kos has been an adamant supporter of Barack Obama and this attack is coming from the operatives working in the dark corners of his campaign.

Earmarks: She’s being criticized for her earmarks as mayor of Wasilla and for her flip-flop on the “Bridge to Nowhere” project. She secured 27 million dollars in federal funding for the town of Wasilla, population 6,700. She used this money to build a train system, build a youth shelter, repair the sewer system, and build a transportation hub. The “Bridge to Nowhere” budget swelled from $223 million to $400 million between campaigning and election. She supported it during her campaign but eventually concluded that the money could be used better elsewhere. She’s put through the largest line-item veto in Alaskan history. It’s also key to note that everyone criticizing her for this were supporters of her opponents or former leaders.