On Second Thought, I'm Glad She Doesn't Have "Experience"

America’s media powers, in conjunction with the DNC and Camp Obama, are making a concerted effort to discredit Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin based on experience. They are already claiming that Senator McCain neutralized his greatest advantage – experience – over Barack Obama by picking Governor Palin as running mate. Their sails are filled with big gusts of hot “lack of experience” air. What these banners and palace flags on Yacht Obama fail to trumpet is that Governor Palin already has more executive experience then Barack Obama and Joe Biden combined. She’s already been a successful mayor and is an extremely successful governor who enjoys an approval rating ranging between 80-93%. Governor Palin is Commander-in-Chief of the Alaskan National Guard, has appointed cabinet members, created sub-cabinets like Alaska’s Climate Change Sub-Cabinet, and worked with Canada (a FOREIGN country) on the Alaska Gasline Initiative Act (AGIA). Obama and Biden are career candidates who always look for smooth sailing through the easy waters of politics. They like toasting their champagne to roast duck with mango sauce on ripples that don’t rock. They are career-minded politicians who are careful to never rock the boat. They “toe” the party line and never do something that sets their political careers off course.

Governor Palin enjoys an 80% approval rating, as inexperienced as their trumpets blare. What this means is she understands the nuances of direction, flow, and progress in the Executive Office. Ratings don’t reach these levels by floating a yacht into calm harbors, toasting to duck, and staying close to easy votes. This is “business as usual” politics. Ratings reach these heights when our leaders decide to fight the big storms far out at sea and bring calm to the issues that we can see and relate to in our daily lives. Governor Palin has gone to sea many times to do battle, each time bringing home calm and resolve. She’s battled corruption in her own party, levied tax on Big Oil, outlined a detailed energy plan, blew out the red tape that blocked a natural gas pipeline deal with Canada, and, for all intensive purposes, is most like Ronald Reagan. She’s firm on her core values but willing to negotiate on the issues that concern all Americans. There is direction and flow to mobilizing people from the executive office and Governor Palin know the course. Obama and Biden don’t know the course because they’ve never left shore.

She didn’t hesitate to visit her Alaskan National Guard troops in Kuwait in July, 2007. She also stopped by Landstuhl, Germany to visit injured troops. She is a Commander-in-Chief and has experience working with military personnel. Did you see it on the news? No one did. She went on her own good merit and did it because she cares bout her troops. She didn’t have a campaign staff with her. She didn’t have cameramen with her. She was there in a gray t-shirt chatting with troops. The Alaskan National Guard (www.akguard.com) proudly displays her press releases on their website as John McCain’s vice presidential candidate and as YouTube Queen. It’s clear that they are proud of her as their Commander-in-Chief. The Illinois National Guard mentions nothing about Barack Obama, mainly because he’s never been a Commander-in-Chief.

Barack Obama cancelled his visit to injured troops in 2008 and only made his first visit to Iraq in 2006. Jon Decker of Reuters reported that the Pentagon approved his visit but without his campaign staff or cameramen. Obama stated that he elected to cancel the visit because it would have made a media event out of visiting injured troops. How is that possible without his campaign staff and cameramen? Wouldn’t it have been a bigger media event had he been able to bring his campaign staff and cameramen? Obama has no experience working with military personnel and cancelled an opportunity to personally thank our servicemen and women for their sacrifice. He fails to recognize or even acknowledge that the surge that John McCain proposed to President Bush is working. He votes for withdrawl deadlines and for war funding. How can you withdraw a force when you are voting to fund it? It’s conflicting. Is this the kind of experience Camp Obama is referring to?

The Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet is responsible for monitoring the effect of global warming on Alaska. Governor Palin is aware that ice core samples have proved that CO2 (whether created by man or nature) is not the cause of global warming. CO2 levels have been as much as 10 times higher then they are now when using ice core samples to reconstruct Earth’s thermal history. Governor Palin isn’t denying or embracing the global warming issue. She’s appointed a committee to help her understand it – and we all know that understanding an issue is the most important factor towards finding a solution. She knows too because she’s already done enough battle to know that education is the best weapon against uncertainty. It sure beats gridlock and finger-pointing and that’s all Barack Obama has ever done through his meager time in the Senate.

Barack Obama has been a US Senator for three years. He’s missed 46% of his votes and been campaigning for President for the last year and a half. He’s voted in line with the Democratic Party 96% of the time (http://projects.washingtonpost.com/congress/members/o000167/) and has not demonstrated the ability to step into any tough issues to resolve them. He’s always been drifting in safe waters, dealing with nothing bigger then minnows. He skirts past the issues rather then heading out to seat to knock the storm off of the horizon. He’s never taken on his own party to eliminate corruption like Govenor Palin. In fact, he’s had his own fair share of corruption, shady partners, and crooked contracting deals. He’s voted against an amendment to ban desecration of the American Flag and voted against decreasing welfare programs. In 2008, he missed 100 key votes. Oddly enough, 59% were bipartisan bills; bills that both parties either fully agreed or disagreed on. Obama, as an Illinois State Senator, cast a “present” vote 129 times on tough issues. He elected to be recognized as being present for the vote rather than making the tough decision to vote “yes” or “no”. His collegues and friends described this as “brilliant politics”. This is nothing more then poor judgment aimed at getting by with the least amount of battle scars. How can he run for an office representing people then sustain from casting votes that effect their lives? This behavior amplifies his poor judgment and fear of taking on issues that matter to us in favor of his own political career. His judgment is so poor that he isn’t making a decision at all. Governor Palin makes decisions – and they’ve been fantastically successful. Is this the type of experience Camp Obama is referring to?

The trumpets on Yacht Obama blasted that Governor Palin has no foreign policy experience. Governor Palin worked with Canada to pass the Alaska Gasline Initiative Act (AGIA). Isn’t Canada a foreign country? Politicians have been fumbling on this for 30 years. Governor Palin didn’t. She secured a deal to build a pipeline through Canada that will feed 45 billion metric feet of natural gas to the lower 48 states daily. Why is this important? The central part of America, called the US Wind Corridor, is starting to boom with wind farms. The Southwest is starting to populate with solar farms. The natural gas pumped to the lower 48 states can be used exclusively for automobiles while wind and solar power provide heating and cooling power. This will reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 35-40% (or 280-300 billion dollars annually). She isn’t afraid to step into tough issues and deal with them. She has tackled Big-Oil corruption and posse’s first-hand knowledge and experience on the importance of breaking our addiction to foreign oil.

Barack Obama’s has no foreign policy experience – period – and he’s running for the highest office of the most powerful country in the world. He is soft on terrorism and rogue regimes, stating that isolation against these types of governments is not the solution. He’d meet with them. His website is very generic in explaining his plan on breaking our dependence on foreign oil. His ideas are cars that get 150 miles per gallon, spending on unclear programs, and offering tax breaks. These aren’t solutions. These are patches covering our oil cancer. He’s also never led a bipartisan tax levy against big oil profits like Governor Palin. He’s never worked with another country to secure a pipeline deal that will ship 45 billion metric feet of natural gas to the lower 48 states. He wants to legislate the problem in Washington instead of providing a comprehensive plan of what we need to do to break our dependence on foreign oil.

Lack of experience? Governor Palin has no experience running on a platform of change, then picking a man who represents the major problem with Washington politics. He’s a man of special interests and Nixon-era politics. She has no experience abstaining from votes in fear that they will become ghosts of her future. She casts her votes and initiatives based on her values and beliefs and has a clear vision of her goals. She rides out to sea and fights the big battles that we all care about. They don’t change based on Gallup Polls. She has no experience toeing her party line for the sake of her political career. She has no experience being part of corrupt housing scandals, shady business partners, or befriending radical religious figures who offer valuable voting perks. She’s attacked corruption in her own party, tossed the crooks out, and cares about America more then her political career. She has no experience in ignoring the hard issues facing America’s energy crisis. She faces them and forms sub-cabinets to understand and learn from the problem so she can offer educated solutions. She works on bipartisan bills to levy taxes on excessive Big Oil profits. She doesn’t have experience waffling on her issues. Her core beliefs are sitting on solid granite, not a flimsy fence that fumbles to the middle for votes. She holds true to her guns (no pun intended) and reassures us that her core values in are in tact and cannot be compromised. She has no experience in offering vague plans that promote legislation, tax cuts, and technical solutions that are ridiculous and unfeasible. She has experience with reality. She’s worked with a foreign government to move 45 billion cubic feet of natural gas to the lower 48 states. She understands the value of natural gas to the lower 48. She doesn’t have experience canceling a visit to meet with injured servicemen and women because it won’t become a huge media event. She has experience visiting them without any media exposure at all.

On second thought….I’m glad she doesn’t have the experience that Barack Obama and Joe Biden are trumpeting about from Yacht Obama over roast duck and mango. I’ll take beef stew and a gun-toting woman with her lack of “experience” over them any day.