Lady Reagan Has Arrived

It’s morning in America again and Lady Reagan has finally arrived! The Republican Party has finally found a candidate who hasn’t excited our base this much since Ronald Reagan. The parallels between the two candidates chronicling their rise from rural America based on simple beliefs that soccer moms and lifeguards can make a difference is the exact fuel that keeps the lights burning in Reagan’s “shining city on the hill”.

There are millions of us who want that city to shine and be the place of legends, where normal people achieve abnormal heights into American history. What separates Governor Sarah Palin from every candidate since Reagan who has laid claim to be “just like Reagan” is that, well, she is just like him – and probably doesn’t even know it. Like Reagan, Sarah Louise Heath Palin embodies the one true asset that made Reagan so great to all of the world. She has a strong core of values and through this is able to see where she wants to lead us. She is firm on her beliefs but willing to negotiate on the issues that concern all of us. She seems to have that same natural ability as Reagan to understand that the biggest thing about understanding politics is that you don’t have anything to worry about if you do the right thing. A moral compass guides all of us and we are not as judgmental when the fundamental part of the objective is built on good intention. Sadly, that’s eroded from the Washington landscape since 1988. She never talks of cynicism. She talks with an understanding that while we may not agree on all issues, as long as we tackle them with courage and honesty then the best of what we are trying to accomplish will come through. This, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what brought the status of Reagan to legend and why she’s probably the most like Reagan then anyone we’ve seen.

She seems to understand that dreams transcend the boundaries of battle and we’ll always be able to fight so long as the dream is still with us. Reagan always felt that defeat was not as issue so long as you fought, you dreamed, and the dream stayed with you. She is not afraid to take on a battle, knowing that it’s better to bring a dream to fruition through many defeats then achieving nothing while keeping many dreams.

Like Reagan, Sarah Louise Heath Palin started her professional career as a sports broadcaster. She embodies a competitive heart and spirit and has a great love for the outdoors, her state, and country. She grew up on the west coast. And in this land we know that all people across the world look West to watch the sun set on the great hope that a new day will dawn soon. She loves hunting and fishing and believes that the best of America is in Her wilderness. She got involved in politics because they were rank with corruption. She became governor of a state where corruption was bountiful and honesty was fruitless. She’s a proud mom and loving wife. She’s proud to have a son serving in Her military. She’s natural in front of a camera and talks as though she’s sitting right in our living room. She is what makes America great – a normal person on an abnormal journey that we can all somehow relate to. And while we may never make this journey ourselves, we’ll all be able to line the streets and cheer her on all-the-way.

Like Reagan, she’s one of us. She’s a soccer mom who really gets us. It’s morning in America again! I just can’t believe we’ve been asleep for 20 years.