Award Winner: Most Offensive Political Mailer of 2012

I’m just going to call it right now. No need wait for what Obama and Romney have in store for each other or any other candidate for that matter. When a mail piece this disgusting and offensive is mailed out, you just give it the recognition it deserves.

Here’s the back story: Two years ago, conservative David Simpson challenged and beat liberal Republican State Representative Tommy Merritt in the 2010 primary. In a desperate attempt to reclaim his seat, Merritt held no punches in a smear campaign against Simpson and legislation he authored during the last legislative session, particularly House Bill 41. You see, Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) authored HB-41, with the support of 100 something co-authors, to punish screeners who made inappropriate sexual contact with people trying to fly or enter public buildings. The bill was authored on the heels of the young, old and everyone in-between being forced into (and many times unnecessary) invasive full body searches by TSA screeners. This bill wouldn’t prevent further pat-downs or searches, but would prevent federally sponsored groping of someone’s private areas unless there was reasonable suspicion to search there.

Does this sound like a pro-terrorist piece of legislation? I didn’t think so either. However, it seems like Tommy Merritt shamefully wanted us to think it was. Hence, this disgusting mail piece…

Note: You might want hide to all breakable objects before looking at this mail piece.

I could spend my day ripping this mail piece and Tommy Merritt apart, but I think I’m going to just leave that part up to you. I am a little surprised there was no call to action to place David Simpson on the no-fly list for authoring HB-41.

Below is a list of the elected officials (with more that could probably be added) who either co-authored, voted for HB-41 or it’s cohort in the Texas Senate SB-29, or publicly supported David Simpson’s bill. As you can see from the list below, Tommy Merritt once again stood against Texas Republicans (not to mention the 4th Amendment) and did it in one of the most disgusting ways possible.

Gov. Rick Perry
Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst

Sen. Birdwell (9/11 Pentagon Survivor)
Sen. Carona
Sen. Deuell
Sen. Duncan
Sen. Eltife
Sen. Estes
Sen. Fraser
Sen. Harris
Sen. Hegar
Sen. Huffman
Sen. Jackson
Sen. Nelson
Sen. Nichols
Sen. Ogden
Sen. Patrick (Author SB-29)
Sen. Seliger
Sen. Shapiro
Sen. Wentworth
Sen. West
Sen. Williams

Rep. Aliseda
Rep. Anderson, C.
Rep. Anderson, R.
Rep. Aycock
Rep. Beck
Rep. Berman
Rep. Bohac
Rep. Bonnen
Rep. Branch
Rep. Brown
Rep. Burkett
Rep. Button
Rep. Cain
Rep. Callegari
Rep. Carter
Rep. Christian
Rep. Cook
Rep. Craddick
Rep. Creighton
Rep. Crownover
Rep. Darby
Rep. Davis, J.
Rep. Davis, S.
Rep. Eissler
Rep. Elkins
Rep. Fletcher
Rep. Flynn
Rep. Frullo
Rep. Gallego
Rep. Garza
Rep. Geren
Rep. Gonzales, L.
Rep. Gooden
Rep. Guillen
Rep. Hamilton
Rep. Hancock
Rep. Hardcastle
Rep. Harless
Rep. Hartnett
Rep. Hilderbran
Rep. Hopson
Rep. Howard, C.
Rep. Huberty
Rep. Hughes
Rep. Hunter
Rep. Isaac
Rep. Jackson
Rep. Keffer
Rep. King, P.
Rep. King, S.
Rep. King, T.
Rep. Kleinschmidt
Rep. Kolkhorst
Rep. Kuempel
Rep. Landtroop
Rep. Larson
Rep. Laubenberg
Rep. Lavender
Rep. Legler
Rep. Lewis
Rep. Lyne
Rep. Madden
Rep. Margo
Rep. Miller, D.
Rep. Miller, S.
Rep. Morrison
Rep. Murphy
Rep. Nash
Rep. Orr
Rep. Otto
Rep. Parker
Rep. Patrick
Rep. Paxton
Rep. Pena
Rep. Perry
Rep. Phillips
Rep. Pickett
Rep. Pitts
Rep. Price
Rep. Raymond
Rep. Riddle
Rep. Ritter
Rep. Schwertner
Rep. Scott
Rep. Sheets
Rep. Sheffield
Rep. Shelton
Rep. Simpson (Author HB-41)
Rep. Smith, T.
Rep. Smith, W.
Rep. Smithee
Rep. Taylor, L.
Rep. Torres
Rep. Truitt
Rep. Weber
Rep. White
Rep. Woolley
Rep. Workman
Rep. Zedler
Rep. Zerwas

No wonder Tommy Merritt was voted out of office 2 years ago.

I was happy to see that David Simpson successfully fought off these attacks and won with over 61% of the vote.

MattSDowling (Cross post)