Tom Leppert signs on with ACORN

Last week, Tom Leppert was caught attempting to court two ultra-liberal organizations: the SEIU and ACORN. In 2007, he sought the endorsements of these organizations while he was running for mayor of Dallas. This is very problematic because he is now running for the US Senate in the Republican Primary in Texas, and it would be an understatement to say that ACORN and Republican values are polar opposites. I was also able to uncover a video which shows Leppert signing ACORN pledges that cover issues like immigration and affordable housing, among many others. It is unclear if he signed every single pledge, but the video does show him literally signing on the dotted line to side with ACORN.

The video below was produced by the Birdwalker Company in 2007 during his campaign to become Dallas mayor. Although the video doesn’t have the best quality and is a little odd, I don’t see anything in it that proves this video wasn’t shot and made during Tom Leppert’s visit to an ACORN office.