The call signs for NPR and PBS should be changed to CUT

I came across an interesting article by the Texas Independent that covers Rep. Kevin Brady’s (R-TX) bill that would cut government funds to NPR and PBS. But the reaction by Houston PBS’s manager is what really caught my eye. He said if this bill passes that “It would be disastrous for this country.

Wow, really?

First, in order for this bill to be “disastrous for our country” it conversely would have been a disaster for our country when these publicly funded media outlets didn’t exist. Although I wasn’t alive then, I highly doubt this was the case.

These two media outlets were brought about in the LBJ era as an alternative education and news source for Americans. At the time, there were only a nominal amount of stations and PBS and NPR were created to fill a void in news and education. This appeared to be a noble cause in the 1970’s but they have lost their core argument to be continually funded by the government. The void they were filling has not only been filled by them but countless of other radio and TV stations.

According to my TV guide and radio dial, there are now more channels out there than I care to watch or even know about.

Even when reading remarks made by LBJ on why public media outlets were needed, you can quickly tell that this need is outdated. And we should no longer be funding outdated concepts with our tax dollars.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think these outlets aren’t providing services that the general public needs but it is no longer necessary for the taxpayer to be the sugar daddy to PBS and NPR. They should survive on the free market based on their own merit.

So lets go back to what will really be disastrous for this country… De-funding services that have out lived their need or lacking the will to take the smallest of steps to regain control of our $14 trillion national debt, that has just surpassed our GDP?

I think the answer is simple.