Good Morning Radio News

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that this week might be hard to top, what with Scott Brown winning and Air America losing. But, I woke up this morning to the radio going off to some news.

The radio here in Virginia is reporting, and I’ll paraphrase, that Guantanamo Bay has not been closed in a year, that there are 200 some detainees left, and that, gosh darn it, 50 some may have to be held indefinitely under the laws of war.

I’m noting this because, you know what, I think that’s a bigger “loss” than healthcare. Oh well, I’m all for Obama accepting a few more of Bush’s positions. Because I’m just that sort of guy.

Does anyone honestly think that this was not an eventual report that was going to come out? On a Friday? On a particularly good Friday? When schools are being closed in the VA and MD areas for wintery weather? It’s almost like he’s not proud to uphold the laws of war, or something.

Edited: Because I was capitalizing willy-nilly like a bad writer.