The United States Is Not At War With Islam

When I heard this statement from President Obama, I thought: “Well, yes. I know that. You know that. Everyone I’ve talked to knows that. President Bush knew that.”

So, what’s up with repeating it?

It’s pretty clear to me now though. The idea is that by saying we are not at war with Islam, that at one point — we were. It’s more of Obama’s inability to do any thing without trying to blame someone else. It has become a habitual problem with the current administration. It was clear during the run for the presidency, when “staff” caused all sorts of problems from signing his name on forms, when big money forced him to opt out of public financing — pretty much anything he’s done that’s been bad, he blamed on someone else. He couldn’t even take responsibility for listening in Wright’s church without finding a way to say “it wasn’t my fault.”

This, I think, is a terrible thing. Bush made mistakes — but he owned up and claimed responsibility for things he did. He even acknowledged that the bail outs were a step away from his normal ideology, and he was doing it of his own free will to try and save the market. Can you imagine Obama saying: “This is a necessary step I am choosing, because I feel it must be done, no matter the cost to my reputation or ideals?”

No. He would say: “Look, this is last year’s business. I know I said no more earmarks. But, guys. Let me eat my waffle.”

And that’s the sort of presidency we’re going to have for four years. Any thing bad or unpopular isn’t going to be his fault. Someone forced him to make that decision. And his supporters will believe it. Ask them about FISA, State Secrets, Gitmo, his war funding in Afghanistan and Iraq, his recent claims of victory in Iraq — the only reason Obama has decided to do this is because we are not at war with Islam. Essentially, the last administration did something heinous, so we… have to keep doing it till it gets better, I guess?

We should start a pool on how long it takes till it becomes: “We are no longer engaging in George Bush’s War with Islam.”