I Was At Bob McDonnel's (VA) Governor Candidacy Announcement

I was there today. And I was rather impressed, to be honest. Granted, the only reason I was there was because I stumbled across it in the Annandale fire house on my way to the Post Office, but hey — I was there.

I liked him a lot more than I liked his Lt. Governor. Which, I imagine, is why he’s on the top of the ticket instead of the bottom. Because the world bends to my personal likes and dislikes.

Three things about him that I approved of:

1. Auditing the government. I can get audited, and I don’t spend your money. Shouldn’t the people who spend all our money occassionally have to prove they’re being good stewards?

2. Commercial space port. Eat your heart out Richard Garriott. Not government sunk funds into it, but promoting the commercialization of space.

3. An all-in plan for energy, that includes nuclear, renewables, solar, wind, gas and oil — and will promote job growth in VA.

One thing that they have to work on at these events is training the greeters. Let it be known that being greeted with:

“We hope to have a strong support from Hispanics, like yourself, this election,” does not make me feel particular welcome. As, you know, I’m not Hispanic. But, hey. I didn’t come to hear them speak. So, this is just a note that I was there, would like to hear some input from anyone who attended anything else/has opinions on McDonnel. And that, if Mr. McDonnel or his staff read this, that they should maybe convince their greeters to just stick with “We hope to have strong support from the community this election.”

~ MS