Feb. 6th

The weekend of February 6th, I am told, is the date the new Administration <a href=http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0109/18208_Page2.html>wants folks to get together for an economic stimulus pow-wow</a> to discuss how great his plan is and pressure our legislatures to support him.

Now, that’s the intent.

But, the way I understand it, it’s supposed to be about meeting together and discussing plans to stimulate the economy. This, dear folks, I am totally down with. You won’t even need the video from the Obama Administration for it, as far as I’m concerned (I don’t plan to pick it up). Now, I know I’ve been saying that I was taking a break from politics come February, but folks — our President has asked for the hoi-poloi to get together and discuss the tax and spend proposal.

For this, folks, I am down. Our President assures us “The President’s plan passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday. But if it’s going to move forward, we need to avoid the usual partisan game.” I agree. This is why we can’t shut out the minority voice and pummel them with faux posturing of bipartisanship when they offer reasonable solutions and are bludgeoned with legal gagging. We also need to stop the political waffling and backtracking — the e-mail promises us he’ll put 3 million people back to work. Earlier it was saving 2 million jobs. Even their economists have no clue how many jobs will be created or saved — or whatever the term is now. And that is just the start of the problem. Which should be part of any discussion involving the economic stimulus.

So, I see no reason why those of us — i.e., me — who happen to think there are BETTER ways to economically stimulate the country should NOT also get in on this. The President says: “That’s why supporters are opening their homes to talk with neighbors and friends about how the plan will work — and what it means for their community.” I say, that’s not exactly an offering to find a way to stimulate the economy. That’s campaigning.

Campaigning, folks, is not — I repeat not — how we are going to save America’s economy. The President tells us “The economic crisis can seem overwhelming and complex, but you can help the people you know connect the recovery plan to their lives and learn more about why it’s so important.” I know the crisis is overwhelming and complex. There’s over 200 pages worth of crap to read to figure out that darn recovery plan. And I’ve tried, and I STILL missed some of the pork in the Economic Earmark Bill of 2008 (“It isn’t an earmark if the whole bill is one giant spending project,” I explained when someone told me that the Administration managed to avoid ear marks in the bill.)

So — Mr. President, I’m in. On the weekend of Feb. 6th, I’ll find a nice public place to have a discussion on economic stimulus.

No really, I will. I’m just looking for a place that will be accomodating in the D.C. Metro Area. Because there’s no way I’m letting folks know where I live over this. Have you seen what people do to people they disagree with now a days?