Fairfax County, VA Special Election -- Feb. 3rd

On Feb. 3rd there’s going to be a special election where I live. That means, on Feb. 3rd, I get up early, walk past the 7-11 to the Fire Station where I cast a vote. It’s a very simple process.

But, I figure that it would be worth mentioning. In part because I recall seeing a post requesting folks to update about local elections and because, frankly, I’m not sure if the way I’m voting is the right way to do it.

Currently, the special election is for the Chairman of the board of supervisors for Fairfax, replacing a seat left vacant when Connolly got voted into a national election. The two candidates are:

Sharon Bulova


Pat Herrity

You can take the time to flip through both their pages and do some Googling if you’re interested. Otherwise, here’s my general understanding. Pat Herrity moved to have a budget that was balanced by spending cuts and the like, while Sharon Bulova has had issues with balancing the budget in her current position — but has been very successful in other aspects of her previous positions. Herrity is a CPA and has earned awards for his economic experience; Sharon has helped some faith based initiatives and organizing multiple things.

Pat Herrity has a conveinet business resume as part of his introduction to us on his Web page, compared to Sharon’s introduction which doesn’t feel as in depth to me. Then again, maybe I’m just missing the link? Her list of endorsers leaves me kind of indifferent. Herrity seems a bit overly reactive in regards to the illegal immigrant problem facing Fairfax County; but it IS illegal, so I don’t know if I’m being too lenient or if this is a valid concern.

Otherwise, he seems more capable handling the economic problems that should be come readily apparent if you peruse their sites. His Web site, as a whole, is also pretty impressive (both how it works and the general information.)

Maybe I’m a bit biased, in that I read his information first before Bulova’s, but I can’t see a reason to not pick him over Bulova for the position.

If anyone is local, take a gander and remember the special election.