Why Are People Pretending to Be Surprised?

Some people seem to be surprised that people were rude to Bush during the inauguration.

I do not understand this surprise. Is it mock surprise? Am I missing the joke?

Folks, this was mild compared to what I was expecting. Seriously, you have people calling him a war criminal, protesting outside with effigies of him and pictures of him beheaded — and people CHEERING that sort of behavior on, and you suddenly think they’ll be respectful?

Give me some of what they’re smoking. Because, clearly, folks like Mr. “Bad Form There” missed exactly what sort of frenzy they whipped up the last couple of years in the echo chamber.

So, who will be blamed for this? I suggest Pelosi; I mean, she thinks his administration may have committed War Crimes. I think that might work to enrage some people.

Hey, if you listen closely, maybe we can convince everyone that someone yelled for us to kill him.  Aren’t double standards grand?

The only surprise should be that the crowd was restrained and the on air personalities weren’t shouting “Worst Person in the World” or whatever it is they do now.