Pre-Election Guesses

My pre-election guesses went like so (ignoring the If McCain won guesses) :

If Obama wins:

1)The Republican party will threaten to bank right on every issue and may abandon moderates. — Check.

2)He will backtrack on promises of no lobbyists and bipartisanship. The entire transition will be a disaster. — Triple check.

3)Foreign aggressive persons (Russia and all) will begin to apply pressure. — Check.

4)We will learn that Obama has been less than truthful through most of his campaign. See Ayers and the new interview released that Obama had indeed been a regular attendee at Trinity for checks there.

So, what are we still waiting on?

Israel to do something decisive against Iran.

These are not auspicious steps towards Change. But, I can tell you how Obama can undo some of the damage in his early blunders.

1) Refuse to sign the Fairness Doctrine; take other moderate positions.

2) Attempt honest bipartisanship instead of “It’s bipartisan if you just do what I say.”

3) Lean heavily, and publicly, on Reid and Pelosi to not excommunicate folks like Lieberman who are not lock-step Democrats.

At the moment I’m considering the entire transition period one of my strikes against Obama, barring him really messing up he can’t get another till he’s inaugurated. Not even sending an ex-unofficial paid volunteer adviser to talk to people who never would have had ex-unofficial paid volunteer advisers talk to.