What McCain Is Being Asked To Do Now

Working bipartisan is something that was demanded of people this election.

People claimed McCain, being a clone of Bush, couldn’t do it.So, the guy that the Democrats insisted was a terrible leader (even while begging him to come back to help navigate the bailout, then lying about it)?

Now, they expect him to mediate standoffs.

This is icing on the cake. First, they tear him down, lie about him — and then they remind folks that, “Yeah. He DID do a lot of great things. He did a lot of good work. We had a lot of success working with him. Hopefully, now that we’ve ripped him to shreds and lied about him, he’ll be willing to do that again.”

And you know what?

Odds are — McCain will. Because he does want this country to succeed. He’ll force them to give some to get some, and they’ll reach compromises instead of gridlock. But he’ll do his best to ensure that America is better off than it was the day before.

Here’s hoping that he’s successful in working with the administration to move this country forward.