What To Do

I’m probably not going to make a lot of friends when I say this, but here we go.

Now that the election is over, it is time to put it behind us. I am going into the next year with a clean slate. As far as I’m concerned, Barack Obama, starting this morning, has a third chance with me (there was a short while where, out of all the Democrats running, I thought he’d be the best. That was pretty early in the process.)

So, I’m basically sitting back, crossing my arms and saying show me. He promised a lot in his speech, but I’m not one swayed too often by promises.

Show me the bipartisanship.

Show me the lowering of taxes on the majority of Americans and growing the economy.

Show me that you’ll cut wasteful spending.

Show me that he means it when he says he’s going to work to bring peace to our allies and defend them.

Obama has laid out a lot of plans (plans he said may not come to fruition by the end of his first term.)

But, by God, he’s going to have several months to show me before I become a vocal critic again. And by vocal critic, I don’t mean the sorts we see on the fringes of our political system that preach a sort of ideologically conformity followed by impugning of character. I don’t mean the sorts that whisper about him being a Muslim and Bush needing to be killed. I mean an honest critic who takes his promises, lines them up with his policies — sees if he met his goals and is objective.

He won the election; now it is time to prove he deserves it.

As for 2010? We’ll see where I stand in a few months on whether I’ll be extremely active or not. At the moment, I’m giving Obama and the Democrats a clean slate (I find giving folks one of these each election is a good idea, it is a chance to see if they’ll do what they say they’ll do.)