I Voted

I voted today; I voted for John McCain for President and a slew of folks at the local level who I thought were good choices too.

But, I see a problem in America. A problem that is prevalent on both sides. It is the thought I heard echoed in the woman on the bus — that she needed to elect John McCain to protect her values, or the guy at the polling place that it would take an Obama administration to affirm his.

People — politicians are not going to make your morals right or wrong. Politicians will not affirm anything about you. If you are voting for someone who agrees with you, that’s fine. But to think that your morals or values will be in jeopardy if a certain politician loses?

This is part of a larger problem. A problem where we, as a country, seem to think that politicians’ jobs are to step in and fix our lives. Hell, Hercules only deigns to help those who help themselves. Government is supposed to be by, of and for the people. But if the people cede this sort of power — the power to create an individual’s morals — then it is no longer government by the people. It is government by the government.

And, no matter who is in charge then, we’ll be on our way to a failure as a country.

Vote for the politician you agree with — but don’t think that a “loss” means that your morals are in jeopardy or that your character may be in danger of being lost. They aren’t.

You do not need John McCain or Barack Obama to tell you how to live and what is important. We all have what, I believe it was C.S. Lewis called, a sort of moral law engraved on our hearts. Our morality, whether we find it guided by faith, reason or any of the various -isms in the world — our morals as, individuals or a people, are not in jeopardy unless we cede power to the government.

So, go out and vote. But don’t lose sight of your moral compass — even if all the Other Guys in the world win the election, you are still you. You never needed them to validate your existence when you were learning what was right and wrong, you sure as hell don’t need them now that you’re all growed up.