A though for the upcoming 2010 elections

Dear Friends,
As we begin our approach to the mid-term elections, I do believe that the Republicans need not crow too loudly as yet over any upcoming political wins and gains. There are many of us Conservatives around who have the symbol of the Party very much in mind: The elephant — an animal that has a very, very long memory. When TARP 1 was announced under the Bush administration, I was beyond livid, burning up the email wires to my Senators, telling them if they voted for that abomination that they would lose me as a supporter. I told them then that my memory is quite long and many of the things that the Republicans did and voted for during the Bush administration have not been forgotten. I doubt that I am alone in this sentiment and that many of us who have been long-time Republicans will now pause and take stock of all the November candidates, regardless of party, and vote FOR something rather than AGAINST something.

I must say that the politicians and candidates are not completely at fault with respect to the political mess that we find ourselves in. Over the years, we voters became way too complacent by not sticking to our own political principals and sensibilities. We have also developed a love affair with the couch rather than the car: We don’t go to the polls and vote as we should. We have not been citizens, but political consumers, voting to get our political ‘fix’–voting for the one that will give us our ‘fix’ without us having to think about it. American citizens have become so complacent that we have kept on voting for the same person for twenty, thirty, forty years. Where is the logic in that? Times change and yet we keep voting people in over and over again whose ideology rarely kept up with the changing landscape of American life — We are the ones who have created these professional politicians: Our terrible political complacency created the Frankenstein.

I believe that is changing. I just hope it’s not too late, or we might find ourselves running across the cold-wasteland of the political arena, forever chasing after the Frankenstein of our own making.

The Republican politicians and candidates and the RNC are certainly welcome to bash President Obama, bask in the glory of upcoming wins, but the Tea Party wasn’t created for them. It was created with those of us in mind who are terribly disenchanted with Washington in its entirety. The sleeping lion is awake–we will pay attention this time; we will vote for something and not against; we will make these politicians our representatives again. That last goal will take much longer than November elections to accomplish.  I am worried that the Republican politicians and candidates do not fully understand that their political ethos is terribly tarnished. Which candidates can we really believe that what they say is really true and truth? That what they say on the campaign trail will be the mantra that they take to Washington and follow through? They have a much harder row to hoe than they think. Believing that all they have to do is talk conservative values will get them elected I believe is worse than what we have at the moment. They have between now and 2012 to prove to us that they truly do have our interests at hears and leave the States to do their jobs as is Constitutionally appropriate. The U.S. Government must stop managing and start legislating. It is their purpose and leave the rest to us.