The Lord of the Rings

Last week, the wife and I both came down with a virus of some kind.  Probably not H1N1. But, we found ourselves unwilling to exert ourselves and decided to watch a movie.  Three movie actually.  We chose to screen the three volumes of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings (LOTR).

At every turn, I found the allegory uncanny when you use LOTR as a lens in which to view the epic struggle between Liberty and Tyranny. We had discussions about whether Nancy Pelosi plays the role of Saruman or Sauron.  Perhaps the ring represents power in the federal system or is it the allure of progressivism and collectivism to ‘get things done’.

I think that this is a vehicle for discussion that is ripe for use — a way to communicate using very old messages that represent very modern power plays.


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