Starting out

Well, I am going to start writing something down. It is a matter of write it down or just explode. This election is really making me wonder what is going on. With the media so desperately on only one side — supporting the Socialist Party of America (err, Democrats) who will soon (it seems) have the House, the Senate and the White House. What am I to do.

Some tell us not to despair and remain of good cheer. I think that is good advice, but harder done than said. I feel an anger of my own that is just below the surface. Sometimes, watching the partisans on the media news outlets, I simply want to scream at them. I have started wondering what the motives are of the mindless hordes that turn out for Obama campaign rallys. I get visions of the torchlight parades in Berlin in the 30s. How long before the Obama brownshirts start rounding up the undesirables here…

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