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My name is Matt Mackowiak and I am the Treasurer of Fight For Kentucky, a Super PAC that is set up to help elect Matt Bevin for Governor.

Since 1972, Kentucky has been led by Democratic Governors for all but four years.

The Commonwealth has suffered from left wing policies in Frankfort, whether they be failing to stand up for our values, expanding Obamacare, surrendering to Obama’s War on Coal, or allowing an unacceptably weak economy.

This November, Kentuckians have a chance to send a military veteran, a Frankfort outsider and a reformer into the office of Governor in Matt Bevin.

We can turn Kentucky red!

Click here to watch our new ad, “Fight For Kentucky” (produced by Red State Front Page contributor Ben Howe).

"Fight For Kentucky"

Red State readers generously support courageous, strong, unapologetic conservatives across the country.

We established Fight For Kentucky, a Lexington-based Super PAC for the purpose of supporting his candidacy for Governor.

Matt ran a positive and substantive primary campaign and surprised many observers with his victory.

Since that time, the party has rallied behind him and several independent polls have shown the race to winnable, with Bevin either slightly ahead or slightly behind and the margin being 2-3 points either way.

Independent political handicappers like Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia, the Rothenberg Report, the Cook Political Report and the Gonzales Political Report either favor Bevin over Democrat Jack Conway or have moved their ratings in Matt’s direction in the past few weeks.

Early in the primary race, Bevin released a thoughtful and detailed “Blueprint for a Better Kentucky,” a campaign platform that includes passing School Choice, ending Common Core, fighting Obama administration’s War on Coal, ending Obamacare in Kentucky (KYnect) and passing Right to Work in Kentucky. This is a strong platform to grow Kentucky’s economy and provide greater opportunities for future generations.

Our Super PAC is raising money to help tell Matt’s positive story and educate Kentuckians about the differing visions between the Republican and Democratic tickets.

We cannot by law coordinate with Matt’s campaign and we will not. State law limits direct contributions to campaigns to $1,000 per individual. To win, this campaign will cost millions of dollars, so our Super PAC is raising unlimited contributions to level the playing field against the Democratic machine. Our Super PAC has no limit for individual contributions and can take corporate contributions.

We have over $100,000 in pledges from generous donors and have set a minimum fundraising goal of $1 million before Sept. 15, so we can effectively use TV, radio and mail advertising in the final six weeks and help Matt Bevin win.

Please send your most generous contribution today and we can help elect a Republican as Governor of Kentucky. With you, we will be able to spend the resources needed to turn Kentucky Red.

There are three ways to immediately contribute:

  1. Online

Contribute here (credit card processing fee will apply)

  1. By wire

Fight For Kentucky
Wells Fargo
111 Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78701
Acct #: 6014238338
Routing #: 121000248

  1. By mail

Make check payable to: “Fight For Kentucky”
838 East High Street
PO Box 203
Lexington, KY 40502

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Matt Mackowiak

Larry Hausman
Louisville, KY

Justin Leighty
Louisville, KY

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