Rep. Vance McAllister (R-LA) Must Resign

I don’t know Congressman Vance McAllister.

I don’t need to.

The new this week that he was caught on tape in a romantic situation with an employee on his payroll weeks before being sworn into Congress was sufficient to warrant outrage.  But where is the outrage?

He needs to resign his seat in Congress immediately.  This is an unusual statement coming from a Republican consultant.

Let me lay out the case:

1)      Engaging in a romantic relationship in the workplace with a subordinate is never acceptable.  Even if the relationship is consensual, it is never truly consensual, because the subordinate may choose not to rebuff the advance so as not to harm their own career.  This is an unfair situation for an employee.

2)      Republicans do not need to feed the false War on Women narrative.  A Congressman making out with his scheduler can further that argument.

3)      Congressman McAllister is married.  This is an extramarital affair, with a staffer, who earned a government paycheck as is scheduler.  Her husband, a longtime friend of McAllister’s, recently told the news media that this affair has wrecked his life, hurt their children and requires him to seek a divorce.

4)      Congressman McAllister ran as a strong social conservative and family values candidate.  His personal hypocrisy is astounding.

5)      Political considerations, though insignificant given the weight of this situation, should be taken into account.  Congressman McAllister’s district is safely Republican so it will not affect the balance of power.

6)      The political environment is very positive for Republicans.  There is too much at stake for this soap opera to distract from the weak economy and the disastrous consequences of Obamacare for millions of American families.

So far, only Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) and the Louisiana Republican Party chairman has called on Congressman McAllister to resign.

Where are the rest of the Republicans?

If Congressman McAllister is willing to hurt the Republican Party, poorly serve his district (he is currently skipping votes) and engage in irresponsible reckless personal conduct – who could possibly think that should not have consequences?  Isn’t the Republican Party the party of personal responsibility?

Congressman Vance McAllister – resign from Congress immediately.  It is in your own personal and political best interests, and would be best for the Republican Party.

Matt Mackowiak is syndicated columnist and an Austin, TX and Washington-based Republican consultant and president of Potomac Strategy Group, LLC. He has been an adviser to two U.S. senators and a governor, and has advised federal and state political campaigns across the country.