DeMint endorses...

In an email to supporters this morning, South Carolina Senator and conservative leader Jim DeMint opted not to endorse a particular candidate for President ahead of the South Carolina primary:

The presidential primary in South Carolina has intensified and my name is being tossed around a lot.

I have complimented several of our candidates when they spoke out on conservative issues, but the media has suggested that I favor one over the others.

I’m writing today to make sure you know exactly where I stand.

I do not have a favorite in this race and I will not endorse a candidate.

I’ve gotten to know each of the candidates over the past year and they are all far superior to Obama. My view reflects what I’ve heard from Republican voters across South Carolina who remain divided in this race.

Sure, Senator DeMint was an early supporter of Mitt Romney in 2008 (endorsing him way back in 2007, before the primary really got off the ground), but he’s decided to hold onto his endorsement of a candidate this time.

However, Senator DeMint endorsed an idea. Take a look at the second half of his email this morning:

For those of you in South Carolina, I encourage you to watch the Fox News debate tonight and vote this Saturday for the candidate you believe will fight the hardest to stop the massive spending, bailouts, and debt that are bankrupting our country. We need a president with the courage to tell Americans that our government must do less, not more.

The 2012 elections could be our last chance to restore America’s greatness so we must defeat President Obama and elect more conservative leaders to the House and Senate.

Please continue to pray for our country and the year ahead. Our future depends on it.

For Freedom,

Jim DeMint
United States Senator

Perhaps Senator DeMint sees the writing on the wall. It’s very likely Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee this year. And perhaps expending political capital on a long-shot candidate isn’t worth it.

But he spent most of last week praising the libertarian ideals within the Republican Party.

Not endorsing Mitt Romney, while praising the libertarian wing within the GOP, is quite a statement..