PSU students turn up the heat on Climategate Prof

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This story first appeared on CampusReform.org:

Last week, PSU Young Americans for Freedom Chairman Samuel Settle railed against a flimsy internal investigation by the Penn State administration into climate professor Michael Mann’s involvement in the Climategate scandal. Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Foundation, an independent public policy institute,reported on Mann’s involvement in mid-January and called for an independent investigation into Mann’s research.

Following a string of unflattering headlines, including reports of fudged data by the IPCC and a revelation by a British climateologist that there has been no significant warming in over 15 years, Penn State University students decided to act swiftly.

Settle organized a protest last Friday to turn up the heat on Penn State, calling for an independent investigation of the professor, citing the 10-page internal investigation as “not what he expects from a major research university” according to The Daily Collegian’s account. Recognizing Penn State’s conflict of interest, Settle asserted, “At some point, you just get too close to something to see it anymore.” Penn State YAF concluded on their website:

In short, Mann’s own claim of innocence is taken as proof of his innocence. Moreover, parts of the report are almost fawning in their description of Mann (e.g. “All were impressed by Dr. Mann’s composure and his forthright responses”). “This type of language would be more appropriate in a letter of recommendation than in a serious investigation,” commented Penn State sophomore, and YAF chair, Samuel Settle.

Using Leadership Institute training, Samuel alerted media outlets to the protest and invited students and community members. According to most reports, nearly 100 people showed up to the rally. And byrallying in favor of an unbiased and independent investigation, PSU YAF identified at least half a dozen reasons to take action.

While the Climategate scandal particularly affects students at Penn State, you can take action to raise awareness for this and other issues with these helpful tips from CampusReform.

Video of local media coverage can be seen here and here. You can view The Collegian’s video coverage here.

Matthew Hurtt is a Campus Services Coordinator for the Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org and can be reached at [email protected].

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