English-Speaking Children Are a Minority in Inner-London Primary Schools

The news in Britain today is that English-speaking children are a minority in inner-London primary schools.

This completely confirms Ed West’s statement that:

London is turning into an American-style racially divided city, thanks to runaway immigration and white flight

Evidently there is white flight – the trend for white people to leave areas, and ethnic minorities to then inhabit those areas.

In Tower Hamlets [a district of London] almost four out of five youngsters do not have English as their mother tongue.

And when will they?

In the middle of a recession, I find it fanciful to suggest that classroom language assistants and suchlike are going to be high on the agenda.

Instead, immigrant families ought to be teaching themselves English and teaching their children English.

When British people move to, for example, Spain, the majority of them teach themselves Spanish, if they bother to learn the language (it’s fairly unnecessary given the global spread of English), so why can’t immigrant families teach themselves English? I’m sure some leftist, multi-culturalist fanatic will call me a “racist”, or dismiss these views as “fringe” and so on. But these views are not simply held by an extremist minority here. Day on day, there is more justification for feeling like immigrant families are not integrating successfully here. Surely it is simply a duty, as a resident of a country, to bother to learn the language – and pass it on to your children? Not under our Labour government. It’s simply a continuation of the culture of Labour – shy away from hard work, don’t bother to do anything individually, let the state do it for you.

Clearly, they simply aren’t integrating successfully, and can’t integrate successfully if they are taught from Day One that they don’t even have to.

I found this confusing:

‘We are increasing funding in the Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant to £206million by 2010, to bring students weak in English up to speed. We also equip schools to offer effective English as an Additional Language teaching for new arrivals.’