Britain is Not a Christian Country

Gordon Brown is rather deluded if he thinks we in Britain live in a Christian country.

Sure, much of what is good about this country is due to the Protestant religion, but the same could be said about Canada, Sweden, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Iceland, New Zealand, Finland, Estonia and the USA.

Certainly, most of the things Gordon Brown has had in his life, such as capitalism and the system of Parliamentary representation we have are partially thanks to Judeo-Christian thinking.

Definitely, Christianity makes, or made, the basis for many of our laws and practises –  “Christianity is part of the Common Law of England.” said Sir Matthew Hale, a Lord Chief Justice who died in 1676.

But we are not a Christian country.

We still have an established church (the Church of England), which most countries in Europe do not (on account of their church being that of Rome).

But a Christian country would not produce the levels of crime we have. A Christian country would not have promoted silly levels of personal debt. A Christian country would not produce crackheads and junkies all over the place, because Christian people are taught right from wrong.

Most importantly, a Christian country would not be under threat from another religion, which threatens to overtake Christianity itself.

A Christian country would wake up to the fact immigration is, and has been for the last 40 years, out of control.

It would wake up to the fact that Muslims in this country could easily outnumber those of us who prefer not to take صلاة‎ at فجر ,ظهر ,عصر, مَغْرِب and عشاء‎.

And most importantly, it would do something about it.