Where is Hillary Clinton?

Since Obama’s coronation and McCain’s bold selection of Governor Sarah Palin as his VP choice we’ve seen worse and more blatant misogynism than ever thrown at Clinton during the primary. Obama’s cult following, nutroots gangs, and media have savaged Palin and her family with derogatory, sexist, and vicious rants that have no place in any public or private conversation, much less as part of the political election debate. Throughout this orgy of hate not one word from Clinton. Not once did she voice protest or urge calm. She sat this out.

Now I support Clinton and did so respectfully during the primaries. I suffered derogatory and racist rants from the nutroots gangs, received the hate mail, endured attacks on my blogs just like every other Clinton supporter. I ended the campaign set to pick up Clinton’s banner again after November and especially in 2012. As previously promised, I have now put my support behind McCain. No to Obama is no to Obama.

I’ve got to be very honest and say today that I am very troubled by Clinton’s out-of-sight inaction on the Democratic attacks against Governor Palin. Make no mistake, these are Democratic attacks. I realize that Clinton wants to be the party loyalist but is she not an American first? Wasn’t her words and actions during throughout her career and during the campaign real? That she hasn’t directly spoken out reflects poorly on her and her legacy. I am increasingly wondering if everything she said was, like Obama, ‘just words”? Politics are rough and tumble but there are limits, there are words and actions that are inappropriate. Clinton should know most directly how hateful and how damaging the hate is. Yet, she says nothing, does nothing. Obama has only spoken on the matter once.

If Clinton does not say anything, if she continues to ignore it and by this provide her acceptance and blessing to what Obama and his cult, nutroots gangs, and media following have and are doing, then she loses my respect. I cannot support and respect someone who will not stand tall on simple matters of right and wrong. The hate spewed by Democrats is wrong, Clinton should know it, and to not only sit this out, but to go out and campaign for the candidate most responsible for it is equally as wrong.

This is Clinton’s 3 a.m. moment in politics and as a political leader. What she does or does not do will forever mark her.

Reprinted from my blog: The Independent View