Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) Scares Off Steve Rothman

You know who had a really good Christmas? Rep. Scott Garrett had a GREAT Christmas.

Garrett, who Erick noted could have had a raw deal from NJ Republicans, wound up getting a very friendly district (R+4 and kept most of Warren and Sussex County which account for the lion’s share of his Republican votes) and then earlier tonight wound up not having an incumbent Democrat to fight in the district as earlier tonight liberal Rep. Steve Rothman decided to challenge Rep. Bill Pascrell in June rather than face the wrath of Tea Party Republicans in Northern New Jersey.

What does this mean for NJ’s 2012 cycle? Well it will mean that Garrett will probably wind up with a Democrat challenger who has no real shot at winning, the rest of the NJ delegation will probably look the same with the loss of either Rothman or Pascrell after June (smart money is on Rothman losing his bid as Pascrell has friends throughout the Bergen County machine), and the NJ Senate seat being a lock for Menendez unless a good Republican can step up and really challenge Menendez.