Wisconsin Left Relies on Judges to Salvage Agenda

An infamous Dane County Wisconsin Judge has struck again as Judge David Flanagan is the second judge to permanently bar Wisconsin’s Voter ID law.  You may remember Judge David Flanagan from when he issued a temporary injunction to halt the same Voter ID law back in March, thereby preventing the law requiring voters show ID from applying to the June 5 recall election.  Oh and Judge Flanagan signed a Recall Walker petition that forced that June 5 recall election.  These rulings mean that voter ID has little chance of being the law of the land for the fall elections.

Judge Flanagan’s ruling in March was only a temporary injunction, as he hurried to be the first Dane County judge to bar the law.  In that 11 page decision, he created a new US Supreme Court Justice:  “Justice William Scalia” and also referred to the wrong section of the Wisconsin Constitution.

Another Dane County Judge (Richard Neiss) then permanently barred the Voter ID law less than a week later in March. The League of Women Voters, helped by a former Wisconsin State Director for ACORN, brought that lawsuit, despite the fact that three ACORN employees pled guilty to Class I felonies of falsely procuring voter registration for the 2008 election.  Judge Neiss was not one of the 29 Wisconsin judges who signed the recall petition, but don’t worry the Wisconsin Judicial Commission recently cleared those judges of any wrongdoing in relation to their judicial ethics.

Dane County judges are a staple of the Left’s playbook in Wisconsin politics as they are exceedingly becoming liberals’ only saving grace when they lose legislative battles with Gov. Scott Walker and conservative legislators.  As other states have seen liberals relying on the Department of Justice or the United Nations to hold up voter ID laws, Wisconsin has seen the left file 4 lawsuits (2 state and 2 federal) to stop voter ID.

There is incredible irony in the timing of this ruling because a critical aspect of the ruling is that voter fraud is an almost nonexistent reality in Wisconsin elections.  But the last week has seen concerns raised by the Left and the Right of election integrity issues.  While the left has a crazed theory of electronic voting machines granting Walker a win in the recall election, the right has pointed out the news from Media Trackers that the SEIU’s national headquarters was recently subpoenaed in connection to a vote fraud investigation.

Judge Flanagan writes in his 20 page decision that “[s]erious recent efforts to investigate voter fraud have found nothing that Act 23 [voter ID law] would have prevented.” But this SEIU vote fraud investigation provides an example of exactly that.

The vote fraud investigation sprung from out of state SEIU community organizers registering to vote from a hotel just north of Milwaukee for last year’s Supreme Court election between Justice David Prosser and Joanne Kloppenburg.  Three SEIU organizers produced out of state IDs to register to vote on the day of the election.  The subpoena indicates that the most senior of those SEIU organizers may be in hot water, but at least he made over $140,000 from the SEIU.  If this senior SEIU community organizer did in fact break the law, a voter ID law would have prevented him from registering to vote with his Georgia driver’s license.

Judge Flanagan is an embarrassment to Wisconsin and the legal profession.  The voter ID law should be expedited to the Wisconsin Supreme Court, where it should receive a fair hearing.  Wisconsin voters need to be sure they can trust the integrity of the electoral process.