Tea Party in Wisconsin Poised to Destroy the Left

The Left in Wisconsin has surrendered its lead in grassroots organizing as Tea Party groups hone their skills thanks to a training blitz by American Majority, the nations’ premier conservative activist and candidate training organization.  To equip grassroots conservatives who are on the front-lines of what has become a nationally observed battle in Wisconsin, American Majority launched a 5-week long Spring Training Blitz to train hundreds of activists in 8 separate trainings across Wisconsin.

The Tea Party in Wisconsin has consistently answered the call when challenged by Big Labor and Wisconsin Progressives.  From last year’s battles over the Budget Repair Bill, the Prosser-Kloppenburg Supreme Court election and recount, State Senate recalls both for and against their opponents and allies, to ensuring transparency with Verify the Recall, the Tea Party has been winning these clashes with the Left.

Leading up to this spring American Majority was inundated with training requests from individuals and groups ready to move beyond the protests and mobilize into a real force.  The Spring Training Blitz was launched in response to these requests for training and has stops in Wausau, Milwaukee, Waterloo, New Berlin, Manitowoc, Oostburg, Franklin, and Eagle River.  It comes at a time when Tea Party leaders in Wisconsin are building a groundswell movement that is poised to once again turn back the Left’s assault on the conservative principles that inspired the movement.

American Majority’s work and the dedication of local Tea Party leaders has drawn high praise from the media and grudging respect from the Left.  Robert Mentzer, opinion editor for the Wausau Daily Herald attended an American Majority training and wrote a glowing column on how American Majority is helping forge the Tea Party into a permanent grassroots force.

Radical student protesters from the United Council of UW Students, a leftwing student group with a presence on every University of Wisconsin campus, attempted to disrupt Jake Jacobs speaking at the Manitowoc TEA Movement’s Education Day, where American Majority was training about building a robust conservative infrastructure.

American Majority even inspired left-wing blogger Abe Sauer, to go on a profanity laced rant on the inadequacies of the Left and triumphs of the Right.

No longer can liberals in Wisconsin claim to have a monopoly on cutting edge grassroots tactics and organization that make political victory possible.  Thanks to the passion and patriotism of Tea Party leaders, the grassroots organizing momentum in Wisconsin is shifting rightward.

Matt Batzel is the Executive Director for Wisconsin of American Majority, the nation’s leading national conservative grassroots training organization.  To learn more about American Majority visit www.AmericanMajority.org.