Breitbart Lives On in Wisconsin

Yesterday afternoon, I donated photos of Andrew Breitbart to the Wisconsin Historical Society.  The Society had requested photos from American Majority’s I Stand with Walker Rally held last February 19, at the peak of the Budget Repair Bill Battle.  As I reviewed Breitbart’s photos prior to donating them, I remembered Breitbart’s boldness and fearlessness that have inspired so many people across this great nation.  Thanks to the Wisconsin Historical Society, Breitbart will live on in Wisconsin.

It seems like just yesterday, Andrew Breitbart was getting dropped off on the Wisconsin Capitol Square, just a block from thousands of union protesters who were beginning to march around the Tea Party faithful that turned out on a cold Wisconsin February day to support the Budget Repair Bill.  I went out past the barriers separating the union protesters and the Tea Party to meet him and welcomed him to Wisconsin.

He surely had read about the union protests taking place all that week in Madison.  With such an unprecedented amount of protesters in Madison I was very concerned for his safety.  But when Breitbart left his vehicle, he had a fearlessness about him that amazed me.  He wasn’t scared of these protesters.  I could tell from the look in his eye that he lived for moments like these, where he could inspire patriots, taunt liberals, and call out the mainstream media before a national audience.  All eyes were on Wisconsin that day and Breitbart was the center of the Rally.

The words from his speech live on. He started by thanking the patriots there for making history in Wisconsin.

“This is an existential battle. It is the battle of our times. The adults are back in charge…

This is history. We are going to let the American people know in every single state that we have every [adult] governor and every [adult] legislator’s back…

We are here to stand by this governor doing what you voted him in to do.”

After his speech, Breitbart fearlessly ventured into the union protesters’ crowd to see what they were about. He even attempted to get a fake doctor’s “sick note.” Doctors around the Capitol Square had been handing out sick notes to public employees, so they had excuses for skipping work earlier in the week when they were protesting.

“This is history” he repeated three times during his 6 minute speech. Breitbart knew he was making history that day and thankfully he will live on in Wisconsin history.

The “battle of our times” he referenced is continuing to be waged.  His inspiration will live on as we carry his message forward.

Matt Batzel is the Executive Director for Wisconsin of American Majority, the nation’s leading national conservative grassroots training organization.  To learn more about American Majority visit www.AmericanMajority.org.

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