Quote Of The Day

From Warren Meyer’s Coyoteblog, regarding Van Jones:

Apparently, as one of Obama’s 129 czars, this guy whose job it is to redistribute billions of dollars from one group of individuals to another and issue diktats to be followed by private citizens and businesses, is *gasp* a communist.  Well, no sh*t.  All of these various czars have communist roles so why is it surprising Obama might have picked a communist to hold one of them.  The only surprise was that Van Jones was dumb enough to admit it in print rather than hiding it in leftish double-speak like most of the rest of the administration.

Communism in the Obama administration (and the Democrat Party, for that matter) is not a question of presence, but degree.

Regarding Van Jones’ Truther Pledge issue, I think he was screwed no matter what the case actually was. Either he believed George W. Bush was directly responsible for killing thousands of Americans on September 11th, or he doesn’t read what he signs, content that the cause being pushed has something to do with criticizing Republicans. Both are unacceptable.